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Exploring Infrared Technology at Tech Fest 2016

A few of our Braun Intertec employees recently made their way out to Tech Fest 2016, a family engineering and technology fair, to lead a demonstration on the power of light and energy. The event featured dozens of hands-on demonstrations and activities lead by actual engineers and scientists from businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and corporations throughout the Twin Cities area.

Steve Flaten from our Building Sciences group led a demonstration on infrared technology to show what kinds of energy comprises light, and the visible versus invisible spectrum. Many families were invited to participate in experiments that revealed how certain conditions can mask the infrared image or give false information. At Braun Intertec we utilize infrared technology to examine buildings and other sources to “see” the loss or storage of energy in buildings and materials.

Using a special camera, we demonstrated how the release of infrared energy is picked up and converted to an image which can be evaluated for differences in temperature, similar to an x ray. Ultimately, the image displays the heat an object releases and not what we see in the visible light spectrum.

Tech Fest is an amazing opportunity for kids and families to explore the possibilities and fun of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers through the creative tinkering of fun projects. Tech Fest is an annual event celebrating National Engineers Week, but The Works Museum delivers exciting experiences for children year round through interactive exhibits and programs.

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