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Braun Intertec Expands Texas Drill Rig Fleet with Purchase of Two All-Terrain Drill Rigs

To accommodate our increasing workload in Texas and demand for all-terrain drill rigs, Braun Intertec has added two all-terrain drill rigs to our fleet. The new rigs are a CME 750 Rubber Tire Mounted ATV rig and a 6620DT Geoprobe rubber track push-probe rig equipped with a GH62 Autohammer. Both rigs were specifically selected to allow us to access challenging sites to better serve our clients on the toughest projects. 

The Braun Intertec Drilling fleet is deployed from North Dakota to Texas to work on a wide range of projects such as geotechnical evaluations, environmental services, in-situ testing and mineral exploration. The versatility of our rigs make it possible for us to drill even when conditions are soft, swampy, snow-covered or even over water.

Because we own our fleet of drill rigs, we provide our clients even more value with improvements in cost estimating, greater scheduling control and dedicated time to the job.

Check out the capabilities and technical specifications of each new rig below.

CME 750