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Braun Intertec Office Spotlight: Port Arthur, Texas

One of the newest Braun Intertec office locations is Port Arthur, Texas. This location is dedicated specifically to our drilling services in contrast to other Braun Intertec Texas locations that house our full suite of services which range from geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and nondestructive examination. We spoke to Bryan Landers, a Business Unit Leader based in our Beaumont office, to learn more about what makes our drilling location in Port Arthur special.

Why did we open an office in Port Arthur?
With the massive amount of growth we have been seeing in this region, demand for our geotechnical drilling services doesn’t seem to slow down. Our main office location in Beaumont began to feel a bit tight for all of the equipment we needed to house. We felt it was important to continue our expansion of drilling services and we found the space in Port Arthur, over by Highway 365, was a perfect fit for our drilling footprint in the Golden Triangle.

What services does this location support?
We only house our drill rigs, drilling team and support staff from this location, but we drill projects from Houston to Corpus Christi and all over Louisiana. When our clients ask about our geotechnical drilling services the question is usually, “When can you be there?” We really pride ourselves on how responsive we are to client needs and just getting out there to get the work done.

Our other services like geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing are led from our Beaumont office. We also can provide nondestructive examination services here, too, but that team is based in La Porte.

What makes the drilling team special in Port Arthur?
Our Port Arthur team includes an in-house mechanic who services our drills and actually has been working with this fleet of drills for the last 20 years. We also have a project assistant, Krishawna, who helps keep our drillers on schedule and coordinates everything for them when they’re on the road—which they often are. It’s a real blessing to have her on our team to take care of all those details here.

Our most senior drilling crew chief, Cliff, is also getting involved in coordinating our day-to-day drilling operations. There’s a core group of people in our Port Arthur office who have worked together for a long time and we’re so pleased to have a tight-knit, experienced team of drillers.

What kind of drills do we house at our Port Arthur location?
We primarily have Ardco buggy drills in Port Arthur. They’re much better for the terrain here than the truck mounted CME rigs that are more popular in other regions. Track rigs even sometimes get stuck out here so, really, the buggy style is what works best for drilling around the Golden Triangle. When it won’t stop raining, you can get our Ardco rigs out and just get our work done.

We also have a CME 55 track mounted drill, it’s our only CME but it’s ideal for projects where there isn’t a ton of space and we’re trying to get in and do our work without doing a lot of damage. We also have two CPT rigs. One CPT rig is truck mounted and the other is track mounted. We’re actually looking at adding more CPT rigs to our fleet because they’re in such high demand with our clients.

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