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Braun Intertec Office Spotlight: Baton Rouge, LA

One of the newest Braun Intertec office locations is Baton Rouge (Gonzales), Louisiana. This location offers several of our services which range from environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing. We spoke to Brady Turk, Senior Scientist, to learn more about what makes our new Baton Rouge office special.

What was the strategy behind choosing Baton Rouge, LA as a new office location?
The main reason we chose the Baton Rouge area is because it is booming with industrial and commercial work. Bryan Landers strategically brought me on to help get this office location up and going. With my 23 years of environmental consulting experience and his 20+ years of engineering and testing, there’s a lot of work we can team up on and cover in this area.

What Braun Intertec employees will be working out of this office?
I will be the go-to for the environmental consulting work. We also have Evan LeBouef here to help with engineering projects and Bryan Landers will be back and forth between this office and the Beaumont office. Once we get things up and running a little more, we’ll plan to add staff, as needed.

What makes the new Baton Rouge office unique?
The combination of our history of clients we have in the area and the experience we have, especially when you add in our Lafayette team. We know the industry well here and know what the needs are.

Also, with our energy and work, we have a proven track record and the amount of experience really makes us stand out. We’ll be able to handle a lot of client needs. Now we just need to start spreading the word that we’re here!

What projects do we work on out of the Baton Rouge office?
One of the growing areas we want to attack is the public and government sectors. There will be a bunch of schools and other public infrastructure being built soon too, so we’ll chase a lot of that work as well. Then, of course, there is a lot to work on in the industrial sector.

How is Braun Intertec different than competitors in Baton Rouge?
We have some really great working relationships with past contacts we have worked with. These relationships go a long way. They are honest with us and let us know right off the bat what their needs are. Our level of service brings a lot of trust, too. I think these relationships will carry us forward and put us ahead of our competitors.

On top of that, this physical address in Gonzales will be awesome for us. People are ready for us to be located here! Our lead managers are from the area, so they know it well and know the people, so that’s a huge help.

I also want people to know that we’re growing! We’ll have more staff and more equipment in the future. We’re just getting started, so it will be great for things to start falling into place.