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Braun Intertec Welcomes New Co-ops!

Co-op with Engineer

In Mid-May, Braun Intertec and a team of experienced employee-owners extended a warm welcome to this year’s co-ops. This year, Braun Intertec has more than 50 co-ops joining us in Texas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Braun Intertec Co-Op Program Overview

The Braun Intertec co-op program was created more than ten years ago and has evolved ever since. The co-op program is a six-month paid internship which allows currently enrolled students to gain industry experience with our engineering and construction materials testing group.  Before the program kicks off, we recruit and interview students from more than 30 different colleges and technical schools and, once our co-op positions have been offered and accepted, the program officially begins with training followed by field work.

“At Braun Intertec we feel, and have heard, we provide an industry leading on-boarding experience for our co-ops and interns,” said Matt Balster, Operations Director and Co-Leader of the Co-op Onboarding Program.  “Our blend of safety and technical components provides our new team members with the tools, knowledge and attitudes to quickly become contributing members of the Braun Intertec team.”

On day one, co-ops start integrating with their local teams by training with senior level Field Technicians. Soon after, they attend a four-day multi-phase onboarding process. The first phase of training is a dive into the technical aspect of the co-op role. This includes discussions about site communication, plan and specification reading, small group exercises, and presentations. Co-ops also take a hands-on soil compaction and classification class during this part of their onboarding.

Co-Op Safety at Braun Intertec

One of the most important things we do at Braun Intertec is create a safe and healthy work environment. As an employee-owned company with field technicians, environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers and more, we encounter hazardous situations in our work every day. Whether on a job site, drill rig or in our labs and garages, safety is our priority at Braun Intertec. When we train our co-ops on the importance of safety, we start with discussing the Braun Intertec safety non-negotiables, safe by choice, hazards and mitigation, and safety tools and applications.

Once safety and the technical aspects of the co-op program are completed, we administer nuclear density gauge training and an in-house ACI Concrete Field One Learning Program. The ACI program prepares the coop to take both the written and hands-on examination. At all levels of the company, safety is our priority because healthy, safe employee-owners is what matters most.

Virtual Training

This year, what normally would be an in-house, hands-on experience had to be tweaked due to COVID-19. Safety and onboarding are extremely important, so the program was converted into a virtual classroom. Braun Intertec was able to split the large incoming class of co-ops into several smaller classes, so each group received the attention and participation they need to succeed. Thank you to our co-ops for being flexible with these changes!

Welcome, co-ops! We are excited to have you on board for the 2020 season.