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Building a Safety Culture Through Daily Habits

June is National Safety month, and in observance of this important topic we will post a new article each week in June that focuses on safety to promote a safe and healthy workplace. Check back next week for the next post in this safety series.

Safety is a way of life. It means doing the right thing every time, even when no one is looking. It means looking out for yourself and the people in your life as if they were your mother, father, son, or daughter. It requires planning the day’s activities ahead of time so that you do not rush or add undue stress to your day. It requires each employee-owner at our company to “own” their safe work behaviors. All of these things, and more, play an important part in building a successful safety culture.

Braun Intertec has developed a culture of safety that is based upon integrity, respect, collaboration, and innovation. This culture is based on the values that we hold dear as employee-owners: the integrity to do the right thing; the respect for our co-workers, clients, and community; and the ability to collaborate and innovate solutions for doing our jobs in a safe and healthy manner.

To integrate safety into our daily routine, our employee-owners like to start the day with safe behaviors. Here are some ways we weave safety into our day:

  1. With our First Move Forward initiative, we park our vehicles so that the first move we make in a company vehicle or a company parking lot is forward. Whether pulling through to a parking spot or backing into a parking spot, the driver and vehicle are facing traffic and gain better visibility in this position. The goal of this program is to help mitigate vehicle-related incidents (many of which happen while reversing out of a parking spot) and it has become part of our everyday routine. This behavior also serves as a safety reminder, like flipping a subconscious switch that reminds the employee that they are now at work and to adopt a safety-first mindset.
  2. Our stretching program is another way our employee-owners make safety a habit. When you take time to stretch before beginning daily activities, it delivers many physical benefits such as increasing range of motion in joints, reduced muscle tension, enhanced muscular coordination and more. Stretching gives your body a chance to physically warm up, but it also gives you a moment to plan and prepare as well. While you’re stretching, your body releases chemicals that calm and focus your attention. The simple act of stretching helps prepare our employee-owners to work safely.

By integrating safety into our daily routines, we continue to build a culture of safety at Braun Intertec. When we work safely, morale improves, quality improves, production improves, and retention improves. We continue to innovate and improve our safety program so that we can go home to our families and participate in activities we enjoy. Safety is something that we all own and can make a big difference when incorporated into your daily routine.