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Is Your Building’s Insulation all it’s Cracked up to be?

If a building lacks appropriate insulation, simply adding more can create problems for material durability as it causes exterior walls to go through more freeze-thaw cycles. To further complicate matters, if humidity levels are elevated on the interior of a building due to the activities going on inside, the walls and roof will soon exhibit staining, damage, and deterioration.

It’s important to understand the dynamics between walls, existing insulation, and new insulation, as these can all cause a dew point to occur. In order to appropriately prevent condensation, mold and deterioration of wood and steel, insulation and a strategically placed vapor barrier are required on the interior to stop moisture and air passage. In turn, this can protect your building from increased freeze-thaw cycles on the structure‘s exterior and reduce the possibility of unintended damage.

If terms like R-value, permeability, water intrusion, vapor drive and dew point are foreign to you, then the Building Science professionals at Braun Intertec can assist in the evaluation of your building before changing the insulation. For more information, contact Steve Flaten.

Steve Flaten Principal, Senior Architect

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