Slip Resistance Test: BOT-3000 Measuring the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction for Flooring Materials

Slip Resistance Test

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Every employer is concerned about preventing slips and falls and the general safety of their employees and any customers or clients who visit their workplace. What many people do not know is the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) made a significant change in what is required for certain flooring conditions and materials when it comes to slip and fall resistance. Shockingly, according to safety statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 15% of all accidental deaths are related to slips and falls, second only behind auto accidents. To add to the confusion,...

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Meet Our Geotechnical Engineers and Construction Materials Testing Consultants in Arlington, Texas

Who We Are Home to approximately 25 geotechnical engineers and construction materials testing consultants in Arlington, Texas, our local team members offer a wide range of services to our clients. Arlington’s primary service categories include: Geotechnical engineering Construction materials testing Nondestructive testing Unmanned aerial systems Cone penetration testing Environmental consulting Drilling Currently, our Arlington office’s largest and most high-profile project is the new Texas Rangers Stadium, for which we are proud to provide construction materials testing and structural steel inspections. In addition, Arlington’s talented team has also worked on projects for the University of North Texas, City of Rockville, Fort...

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How to Conduct a Geotechnical Peer Review: Guidelines for Professional Engineers

Geotechnical Engineering

Have you been asked by your client to review your competitor’s report? It is an honor to conduct a geotechnical peer review and can be a critical step forward, or backward, in becoming the consultant of choice for your clients. This is a critical client touch moment, and as such it’s important to approach a peer review with the right mindset before proceeding. So You’ve Been Asked to Conduct a Geotechnical Peer Review Imagine that today you enter the office and your favorite client calls you to discuss a geotechnical report prepared by your competitor. They have some questions and would...

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Charles Cadenhead, PE Joins Braun Intertec as Minnesota Transportation Division Director

Braun Intertec is pleased to announce that Charles Cadenhead, PE has joined our team as Principal and Minnesota Transportation Division Director. Leading our Minnesota transportation operations, Charles will assist with quality initiatives, including transportation-related construction services, as well as business development pursuits related to transportation in Minnesota and the upper Midwest. Charles brings 25 years of experience in all aspects of transportation engineering, including planning, design, construction, and maintenance. With significant experience as both an engineer and construction manager for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Charles provides unique insight to Minnesota’s transportation needs. Most recently, Charles served as the Associate...

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Combating Jobsite Complacency with Safe Behaviors

Caution Tape

Imagine there is a crane operator who goes to climb a cab ladder, a task he’s done hundreds of times. But this time, he forgot to maintain three points of contact and slips on the second rung. The operator falls and breaks his leg, and now can’t work for eight weeks. Sound familiar? Most injuries are rarely caused by the tasks typically associated with danger. In reality, most accidents are the result of common hazards workers face on a daily basis. Frequently, it boils down to what the injured party would call a thoughtless mistake, such as forgetting to wear...

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Braun Intertec expands building sciences practice to Kansas City with new addition Richard McGuire, PE

Braun Intertec, an engineering, consulting and testing firm with offices throughout the central United States, is pleased to announce Richard McGuire, PE has joined our Kansas City office. McGuire joins Braun Intertec as a senior engineer in the Building Sciences group and brings 40 years of engineering experience in consulting and the construction industry, including structural forensics, restoration engineering and property condition surveys. McGuire also brings an extensive business background with him to Braun Intertec, positioning him as a building sciences and business consultant who will support the strategic goals of our clients. “We are thrilled to welcome Rich to...

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Volunteering to Promote Women in STEM

Women in STEM

Construction Day Camp: Volunteering with Girls Inc. Earlier this month one of our Arlington team members, Camber Mathis, volunteered at the second annual Construction Day Camp held by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). The event hosted 60 girls ranging from ages six to nine, all from the program Girls Inc., which serves underprivileged girls by providing mentoring opportunities to become successful women. Girls Inc. frequently partners with schools, communities and local organizations like the NAWIC to make sure each girl receives proper mentoring so they can develop high self-esteem skills and grow up living healthy lifestyles. Knowing...

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Exponential Change – What we can Achieve Together

Science from Scientists

[embed][/embed] The STEM Crisis Our major global problems are exponential in nature - population growth, demand for fresh water, global temperature increases, generation of data - and so too is the rate of technological change and the demand for citizens and workers proficient in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). For our national and economic security, we must increase (exponentially?) the number of people who are STEM-literate and the number of students pursuing STEM education and careers. But, exponential too, is the decline in interest and competence in STEM between elementary and high school students. Working to solve the challenge...

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Next Generation Reporting: Mobile Solutions for Field Data Collection

Geotechnical Engineer

Challenges to Field Data Collection Imagine you are on a construction site collecting data for a soil density test or a concrete test and then need to manually write down all of the field data you collected to complete the daily report. In the construction material testing industry, a real challenge can be the delay between the time the test is performed and final reporting to clients. Traditionally, field technicians who performed field testing and observations also recorded the results, completed paper daily reports and then would have to wait until they got back to the office to input the...

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National Safety Month: Safe Driving Tips in Work Zones

June is National Safety month, and in observance of this important topic we will post a new article each week in June that focuses on safety to promote a safe and healthy workplace. Check out the previous weekly post to read about this year's safety month series. Did you know there are more than 250 active roadway work zones scheduled throughout the state of Minnesota for the 2018 construction season? (Source) From my vantage as the Transportation Market Division Leader at Braun Intertec, I see that our coworkers and clients are frequently on the front lines of active work zones where...

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