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Centralized EHS Training for a Decentralized Workforce

EHS Training

With COVID-19 pushing many of us to work from home, we may find it difficult to keep employees productive. There are a lot of uncertainties right now. How long will the COVID-19 pandemic impact our daily lives? How will the economy rebound? Where is the next roll of toilet paper coming from? But along with taxes, employee training is one of the few certainties in this world.

While your team is working remotely, finding productive work can be difficult. Why not use this opportunity to catch your employees up on their training requirements? For companies that have an online training portal in place, this is an easy way to get employees up-to-date on company policies, procedures, and any health and safety training. This also gives the EHS professionals an opportunity to update training and health and safety programs. For smaller companies that do not have any developed online training, this may allow for an opportunity to develop a web-based training system or program.

If developing your own online training program is not an option, there are many online training providers that have developed “canned” online EHS training; however, not all “canned” training is effective nor is it created equal. A “canned” online training may cover the regulatory requirements, but may not be specific enough to be effective for each workplace. For online training to be effective, there really needs to be a combination of the broad rules and regulations that you can get in a “canned” training paired with  site-specific information and examples. For instance, you may have employees who perform lockout tagout. A “canned” online program will provide those employees with the regulatory information; however, it will not provide those employees with the site-specific lockout tagout procedures. Additionally, trainees must have the opportunity to ask questions about unfamiliar material.

Braun Intertec offers a variety of training platforms. Obviously, we believe in-person training is the best way to deliver effective training, but while the work force is spread out, internet-based trainings, will be the most cost effective way to tackle this task.

We can help design a tailor-made training for you and your work force.  We can provide multimedia live or prerecorded trainings on topics as varied as Asbestos, Confined Space Awareness, Ventilation, Hazard Communication, Stormwater Pollution Prevention, and Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures.

For more information about designing a tailor-made training for you and your work force, please give us a call or click the link below to fill out our Contact Us form.