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Co-Op Mentor Spotlight with Houston Operations Supervisor Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez is an operations supervisor who works out of our Houston, TX office. Previously, Michael also served as one a mentor for our co-op internship program, which offers current students the opportunity to gain industry experience and guidance from seasoned professionals to help them grow professionally. With our co-op program ramping up again this summer, we asked Michael a few questions about his experience as a co-op mentor and working at Braun Intertec.

How long have you worked at Braun Intertec and what is your current role?
I’ve been with Braun Intertec close to five years and I’m currently the Operations Supervisor/Construction Materials Testing Manager.

How was your most recent experience with our co-op program?
It was a great opportunity to serve as a mentor and a coach. The co-ops were very eager to learn and experience the components of how we do business and operate daily. It was also a huge win to have another set of hands on board to help.

It sounds like you enjoyed the curiosity of the co-ops?
Yes, it’s always interesting to spend time with candidates that are looking forward to learning the fine details of what we do. Our co-ops had a lot of knowledge about the written work but were ready to learn hands-on. The training process was easy because they picked up the work quickly and were curious about many aspects of our business.

What kind of projects did you have the co-ops work on?
They were able to travel to different sites and had the opportunity to spend multiple days on the field conducting observations/inspections and testing with our senior technicians. They also had the opportunity to spend time with our geotechnical engineers and coordinators performing a variety of laboratory tests.

What did you learn while working with co-ops?
It really helped me sharpen my training skills. Sometimes just asking the questions directly is best. Candidates may have great skills that aren’t reflected in their coursework or on-campus activity—or, they may know that they need experience in a certain area and that your internship will provide them with just that. Asking what their expectations of the co-op program are is a great way to ascertain whether they understand the company and the work they’ll be doing. Making sure both you and the candidate are clear about the work involved and any other details is the first step to having a successful setup.

What do you like about Braun Intertec and working here?
Well, first I’d say the company’s overall reputation and family culture it’s a big plus. It is great to be part of a company that cares for employees at every level.

Lastly, if you could give one piece of advice to aspiring co-ops, what would you say?
Be open-minded, and believe in yourself and your capabilities. Commit 110% to your training, and most importantly, have fun.  

Working at Braun Intertec

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