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Is Your Concrete Agricultural Facility Structurally Sound?

A Phased Approach to Conditions Assessments, Testing and Repairs Consulting

Many concrete grain storage silos, load-out structures and storage bins in operation at agricultural storage and processing facilities across the Midwest are aging. As a facility owner, you might look at your critical structures and wonder, “How long has it been since these concrete structures were assessed by an engineer?”

Looks alone can be deceiving. In fact, minor distress on the exterior of concrete structures may appear superficial, but real damage could be occurring below the surface. If left unattended, this damage may lead to more costly repairs.

Braun Intertec has the expertise to address damage and help you sustain plant operation and safety. We can evaluate your concrete agricultural structures and work with you to develop the most effective, long-term repairs and maintenance strategies to reduce or eliminate impacts to your facility.

A Phased Evaluation Approach: Structural Conditions Assessments

Phase One: Our condition assessment includes a complete visual survey of the structures noting observed distresses and areas of concern. We also review available records and then document our observations. The assessment concludes with a summary of our findings, photo documentation, and recommendations.

Phase Two: If observations from the first structural condition assessment warrant further action, we recommend a more invasive analysis of the concrete structures including field non-destructive testing, concrete cores for laboratory analysis and, possibly, a structural analysis of the concrete facility to verify structural integrity and building code compliance.

Braun Intertec Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation Tools and Methods Include:

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to assist with site/structure visual condition surveys
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate reinforcing steel
  • Testing of the embedded reinforcing steel to determine the level of corrosion for repairs
  • Infrared thermographic images to identify moisture intrusion areas.
  • Concrete coring for strength and materials properties, petrographic analysis and carbonation testing

Phase Three: If the second phase of analysis finds repairs are required due to a progressive failure of a larger section of the structure, we would prepare construction documents (plans and specifications) for a structural repairs program. Braun Intertec can also assist you with the selection of qualified repair contractors and support you through the bid and construction phases.

The Braun Intertec Building and Structure Sciences team has the knowledge and experience to consult on conditions we observe in the field and offer targeted solutions to storage and building problems. If you would like to learn more about concrete agricultural facility condition assessments or any of our other building and structural science evaluation services, please reach out to Rich McGuire at [email protected] or 913.647.5006

Richard McGuire Senior Engineer

P: 913.647.5006