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Ask a Pro: How Does the Expense of Construction Materials Testing Add Value to My Project?

Question: How does the expense of construction materials testing add value to my project?

Any construction project is going to have tension between maintaining high quality, keeping to a schedule, and being under budget. Construction materials testing services are intended to objectively monitor the quality of the project and confirm you are getting what you paid for. Designers have selected minimum performance standards required for the materials used in the construction project, but these standards are not verifiable just by looking at them. For example, the soil must be placed in thin lifts, moisture conditioned and compacted to meet minimum relative compaction specifications to provide intended support.

Concrete must have a certain strength to support the building and pavement loads and should contain sufficient air content to survive the harsh winter conditions without disintegrating. Some conditions need to be observed and documented at the time of construction, such as the placement of reinforcing steel in basement walls or the placement of drain pipes below floors.

Braun Intertec has experienced construction materials testing professionals that can provide value to your projects by working with the designer to describe the condition and provide a practical solution with acceptable material. For more information, please reach out to Wes Dickhut in our Bismarck, North Dakota office.

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