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[OnDemand Webinar] Crane Pad Design: Small Details That Can Make Or Break Your Project

How much thought did you give the last crane pad design on your project? Did you confirm its design was both reliable while also meeting project requirements? The foundation design of a crane pad is vital to a safe and effective project but even one small, unaccounted-for variable can leave a crane vulnerable to toppling, collapse or other unsafe conditions.

Watch as John A. Focht III, PE, our South Central region Technical Leader and Project Engineer, Randy Deatherage from the Braun Intertec Dallas, Texas office as they discuss the complexities of designing a safe crane pad whatever the terrain; answer common crane pad design questions; and share case studies of crane pad designs gone wrong.

Learn more about:

  • Types of foundations best suited for crane pads
  • Common problems encountered when designing a crane pad
  • Basic crane pad safety considerations
  • Who should be part of the team when designing a crane pad
  • Questions you should ask your team as they develop a crane pad for your project site

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Meet the Speakers

John Focht Headshot

John A. Focht III, PE
Principal Engineer

John Focht, based in our Dallas, Texas office, brings 38 years of leadership, project management experience and technical expertise serving clients within the public and private sectors on geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and construction materials testing projects. He has provided these services throughout the Midwest, across all of Texas and in many other southern states.

Randy Deatherage Headshot

Randy Deatherage
Project Engineer

Randy Deatherage is a Project Engineer based in our Dallas, Texas office with more than 10 years of experience in civil engineering and project management for public and private clients with projects that include athletic field renovations, mid-rise office buildings and large higher education structures.