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Deep Foundations Integrity Testing Webinar: An Undervalued Quality Assurance Test

Deep foundations provide the key support for most heavy structures but how can you confirm your newly installed foundations will function as specified? The answer often is integrity testing, a critical, yet underutilized, test method for projects with deep foundations.

Integrity testing is valuable for any kind of deep foundation project which can include, high rises, bridges, transmission poles/towers as well as docks and wharfs. These projects often present numerous factors which can influence the type of integrity test best suited for the project from soil resistance, material properties (strength, density, etc.), reinforcement within the deep foundation, and the length of the deep foundation. However, these conditions all can be accounted for with integrity testing.

Watch the recorded version of the webinar as our experts, Matt Glisson, PE and John A. Focht III, PE take a close look at the benefits of integrity testing and why this kind of testing should be considered more often by project owners and structural engineers. You’ll also learn which test will help keep your project out of “deep” trouble.

Learn more about:

  • Which projects and site conditions you should consider for integrity testing
  • Integrity testing methods to best fit your project
  • Project examples of times integrity testing has prevented major issues
  • Integrity testing case studies

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Meet the Speakers

Matthew Glisson Principal Engineering Deep Foundations geotechnical

Matthew R. Glisson, PE
Principal Engineer

Matt Glisson is a Technical Leader and Principal Engineer who leads deep foundations services for Braun Intertec. He is responsible for coordinating, performing and reviewing design and testing on deep foundations projects. Matt has extensive experience with integrity evaluation using low-strain integrity tests, cross-hole sonic tests, parallel seismic tests and thermal profiling along with driven piles, drilled shafts, micropiles and auger-cast piles. Matt provides deep foundations services across the United States.

John Focht Headshot

John A. Focht III, PE
Principal Engineer

John A. Focht III is a South Central region Technical Leader and Principal Engineer based in our Dallas, Texas office. He brings 38 years of leadership, project management experience and technical expertise serving clients within the public and private sectors on geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and construction materials testing projects. John has provided these services throughout the Midwest, across all of Texas and in many other southern states.