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Digitizing Earth: Geospatial Tools from GPS to Drones in AEC and Environmental Applications

When: Thursday, May 13th @ 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. (CDT)

Where: GoToWebinar

Geospatial technology is rapidly evolving. Recent advancements have seen the proliferation of platforms and systems that make implementation and usage easier than ever. In spite of this, the potential for mistakes during the selection and implementation process remains high. What is the optimal balance between speed of implementation and flexibility? Will mobile data collection integrate smoothly with other company systems? When do drones deliver the biggest efficiency gains?

Join us on May 13th with our Geospatial to learn about some of the recent advancements in this field and how Braun Intertec takes advantage of them to improve the efficiency and quality of on-site data collection.

Learn more about:

  • Recent advancements in mobile data collection and GPS technologies.
  • Considerations when choosing data collection platforms.
  • Tips for collecting geographically accurate and information-rich data.
  • How UAVs can replace expensive and time-consuming on-the-ground tasks.
  • How to determine when UAVs are the right choice for your project.

Meet the Speaker

Jamie Maxwell
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager

Jamie has been implementing geospatial technologies in the environmental consulting and AEC industries for over 8 years. He has experience integrating GIS, UAV, and GPS systems to deliver solutions tailored to these industries. Jamie is an FAA-certified UAV pilot who has flown missions large and small. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University of North Texas.