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Employee Owner Spotlight: Orlando Boscan, Senior Geotechincal Engineer, Austin, Texas

Orlando Boscan

We recently met with Orlando Boscan, Senior Geotechnical Engineer based in our Austin, Texas office to learn about his role at Braun Intertec, his background in engineering, and how he is helping grow our team in Central Texas.

What is your role at Braun Intertec?
I am a senior geotechnical engineer in Round Rock, but I work closely with the whole central Texas group which includes Round Rock, Austin, San Antonio, Texas. I support the Engineering and Testing divisions.

Tell us about your background.
I was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States to pursue engineering.

The first part of my 18-year career was heavily oil and gas based. I’ve traveled all over doing engineering work in that field. The fact that I’ve been able to work in different markets and geographies has been valuable for my career development.

I have been with Braun Intertec for one and a half years now! I got here by connecting with John Styron, who I knew before starting with Braun Intertec. When I began working here, I discovered that I had worked with several people from our Central Texas team before! It was comforting coming into this position and I think there is a benefit in knowing how people work and how to be a team prior to starting a new job.

What are your favorite projects to work on?
My favorite projects are oil and gas or transportation projects. We’re lucky to have a lot of that going on in Central Texas. Recently, however, high-rise construction has been really interesting to me too.  

Can you tell us about the Central Texas team and how you’ve grown?
The Central Texas team started out with just our San Antonio, Texas office. Not too long after, we continued to grow and added Round Rock and Austin, Texas too. It is exciting to tell people about our capabilities when they don’t know who we are yet. We have been reaching out to a lot of engineers and municipalities around the area. What’s lucky for us is that we have an excellent group of people working on this team. It’s really a satisfying feeling to spread the word and work on relationships.

What does safety mean to you?
Safety is so important. Of course, we do things safely to protect our employee-owners, but we also want to keep our job sites safe for our clients and the public, too.

What is your favorite part about working at Braun Intertec?
My favorite part about Braun Intertec is the people that I work with! I represent the team in Central Texas, but the people I work with across the company are fun, professional, and we work well together.

What does employee-ownership mean to you?
To me, employee ownership means that we take pride in what we do. There’s a family of professionals that are working towards a common goal and that’s what I see us as – a professional family.