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Employee Owner Spotlight: Trevor Armstrong, Field Operations Coordinator, Austin, TX

We recently met with field operations coordinator, Trevor Armstrong, to discuss his background and his role in building our construction material testing team out of our Austin, Texas office.

Tell us a little bit about your background.
Oh man, I’ve been all over the board. I started out in medical school in hopes of becoming a trauma surgeon before realizing my love for music. I became a band manager shortly after, which was so cool. I even got to tour with Incubus in 2011!

How have you grown in your career at Braun Intertec?
My good friend, Ian Grice got me into the construction field. He and his dad got me started as a “dirt technician” and I’ve grown from there! I have now worked on industrial, rail, military, and commercial projects. I hope to pursue vertical construction too – I love big buildings!

After a few years here at Braun Intertec, the San Antonio office reached out looking for some help to build the Austin office. So, I joined them a few days later and have been here in Austin ever since helping grow our construction materials testing (CMT) team. I’m looking to add some more technicians so I can keep managing projects. I hope to someday get to the Operations Manager level!

What attracted you to Braun Intertec?
Our team of leaders is what got me here. Bryan Landers and Kevin Williams have been awesome, especially when I was just getting started and learning about the company and my role. I also love that we’re an ESOP. It only takes six years to become fully vested! Learning that was a big perk for me.

What do you like best about your job?
I love that I’m trusted to do my job here. Orlando Boscan has been very open about trust and he doesn’t micromanage. He knows I’ll get the job done. I do think that attitude is part of the Austin culture – it’s a great environment!

Another thing that I love about my job is that I get to travel. I didn’t know that was going to be the case when I started, so that’s been an added bonus. I’ve worked in several different offices, including La Porte, TX, Lenexa, KS, and most recently, Austin, TX. Then on a project basis, I’ve traveled all over. I have a big project in Nebraska coming up next!

How does safety play a role in your everyday work?
I’m a big believer in showing up to your jobsite 30 minutes early. This allows you to assess your surroundings, plan out what you’re going to do, and how to do it safely. Workplaces change every single day, so it is really helpful to just go early and look around. Also, get your sleep! Your decisions will be so much better.

What advice would you give to someone joining on as a CMT technician?
Be 100% with yourself every day. Come to your job with a good attitude and ready to work! Treat your team and your clients with respect. This way your day will be more positive, and you’ll get more work in the future. It’s a win-win!