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Meet Our Engineering, Testing and Environmental Consultants in Austin, Texas

Austin Texas Geotechnical Engineers and Environmental Consultants
Get to know the team

We virtually met with two members of the Braun Intertec team in Austin, Texas, Trevor Armstrong (Field Operations Coordinator, Construction Materials Testing) and Sarah Thompson (Group Manager, Permitting and Compliance) to learn more about the culture in our Austin offices, the work they do with our clients and how our Environmental Consulting and Engineering and Testing divisions collaborate and support each other’s projects.

The Braun Intertec team in Austin consists of approximately 20 environmental consultants, engineers and construction materials testing technicians located across two offices. Early next year, they will combine into one office location.

What makes the Austin office unique?

Trevor: Austin is a newer office in Braun Intertec so, we get to build our local office culture from the ground up. We really work to have an open, happy environment. The attitude we all have at work really makes a difference.

Sarah: Our office is unique in that the Senior Vice President of South Central Environmental Consulting, Nic Andreani, is based in Austin, along with several other experienced South Central environmental consultants. It’s great for the rest of us in the office to have such a diverse set of senior leaders available. It also makes management much more approachable to our younger staff. One thing that is also unique is our proximity to TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality), the Railroad Commission of Texas and many large law firms. With the kind of work we do here, it is quite a strategic location.   

What kind of projects do we work on in the Austin office?

Trevor: Right now, we work on industrial, oil and gas, transportation and commercial projects. Generally, the Austin Braun Intertec offices provide environmental, construction materials testing, nondestructive testing, and engineering services for Central and South Texas.

We collaborate a lot with our other Texas offices, too. Some of our past big projects included, the HEB Distribution Center, UPRR Brazos Rail Yard project, Brazos St. office building for Ryan Companies in Austin, the Cargill facility, and the Hilton Convention Center skybridge in downtown Austin.

Sarah: We have both environmental compliance and investigation and remediation groups working out of our Austin office so we can get our clients everything they need across the board. We consult on a lot of oil and gas, transportation, energy, industrial, manufacturing, and commercial projects. We also do a lot of work with developers and engineering firms, too.

How is Braun Intertec different than our competitors?

Trevor: I think what makes us different is how easy we are to work with. Our technicians work well together in the field and we prioritize great client communication. Our technicians are always bringing their A-game in the field.

We are also really responsive—when our client calls and needs something, we’re there. I like to think Braun Intertec is the consultant of choice because clients are number one in our hearts.

Sarah: We feel that strong interoffice communication sets us apart from many of our competitors. We have made it standard to reach out to the years and years of experience and expertise that exists within our company across all offices. We are not just going to limit our work to what we know in Austin; we can always give our client the best information, expertise, and value available between our offices.

Braun Intertec Austin team, Halloween 2019
How does the Braun Intertec Environmental Consulting division and Engineering and Testing division work together?

Trevor: I love our environmental consulting team, that whole crew is amazing. They are just happy, dedicated, solid people. Right now, we are in separate offices but early next year we will be moving into a new space together. I am looking forward to it. Once we are in the same space it will be a client-friendly environment and I know that’s what our environmental consulting group aims for too

Sarah: Orlando Boscan leads our Austin Engineering and Testing group now but before he joined us, I would reach out to John Styron who leads the Central Texas Engineering and Testing group because we have environmental consulting clients that need engineering and testing services. We coordinate with John and Orlando on things like proposals as well as ideas and questions that are relevant to projects we are working on. We help each other get our foot in the door on projects.

Even just on a regional basis for environmental consulting, our colleagues in Minnesota have clients that reach down here in Texas so we do what we can to help them out locally and vice versa.  

If you’d like to learn more about the services our Austin office provides please click the contact us button below and a member of our team will be in touch.