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Giving Back to Our Community in Wichita Falls, Texas

Boyd Branch and his daughter

On behalf of Braun Intertec, Boyd Branch, Operations Manager of our Wichita Falls, Texas office teamed up with his daughter and Henrietta Independent School District to give back to the community. They found an opportunity with the Wichita Falls Faith Mission which has the goal of eliminating homelessness in their community. They provide several programs including homeless shelter, case management, addiction recovery, job readiness, transitional supporting housing, and social services. This shelter provides meals for families three times a day.

“Any time there is an opportunity, we’re going to jump on it. We’re going to continue to give,” said Boyd who has been giving back to his community for more than 30 years.  

For this specific donation, Boyd and his daughter reached out to several different vendors in hopes to raise money for a food drive. In total, they collected a donation of food that consisted of 1320 snacks, 440 lunches, 440 breakfasts, 440 vegetables, 440 fruits, which included: grapes, apples, carrots and yogurt, for a total contribution worth $2,250.

Now more than ever is a time to give back, so we thank you, Boyd for representing Braun Intertec and for all your dedicated time and work!

Giving back to our communities is important to the employee-owners at Braun Intertec. Whether it’s supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education, environmental and local human services efforts, we believe charitable giving is a vital part of giving back to our professions as well as our communities. In fact, we provide our employee-owners with eight volunteer time off hours to use every year to support their community.