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Housekeeping, an Ounce of Prevention

To the trained eye, one look around a workspace or jobsite is usually all it takes to determine how safe it is. Leaving equipment, waste, or trash laying around is an accident waiting to happen. Whereas housekeeping, or picking up after yourself during a shift can make a world of difference. Housekeeping may sound like a menial task, but in reality, it’s an important and necessary measure to saving time, money, and lives. With this understanding, an ounce of prevention is worth way more than a pound of cure.

Clean Spaces Reduce Risk

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that workplaces be kept clean and orderly to reduce the chance of accidents. In business or work environments, proper arrangement and storage of items, materials, supplies and goods is critical to the efficiency of the business and an uncluttered space is essential to the safety of all. If aisle ways, workspaces, exits, or emergency panels are obstructed because debris litters the floor or tools and equipment are not put away properly after use, or pallets and shelf spaces are improperly stacked then this can increase the risk of injury for yourself and others.

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Even if you are not directly responsible for a disorderly workspace or jobsite, it is still everyone’s job to maintain a safe working environment. Not only does this set a positive example, but this also improves employee morale and overall safety culture, reduces the chance of accidents, conserves space and enhances everyone’s ability to get tasks done. Make sure all co-workers are educated and trained to pitch in; keeping a workspace or jobsite clean and orderly can increase everyone’s chances of going home with no regrets at the end of the shift.

Safety, is not an accident, it’s a plan with built-in procedures to avoid or address accidents quickly and it’s there to protect our greatest resource, our people.

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