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Braun Intertec Houston Geotechnical Services

Braun Intertec

A strong foundation starts with a thorough understanding of soils and site characteristics. The Houston Braun Intertec geotechnical engineering team offers a wide range of resources and extensive professional experience to discover the mechanics of soil and rock for any project.

Our Geotechnical Services Include:

  • Deep Foundations
  • Geostructural Engineering
  • In-Situ Testing
  • Instrumentation
  • Pavement
  • Slope Stability

We also have a full-service, in-house geotechnical and materials testing laboratory in Houston to give your team greater control over testing schedules and project reports. Braun Intertec is equipped to address the challenges you face, from geotechnical investigations to the design phase to construction-related services.

Deep Foundations

At Braun Intertec, our experience with deep foundations spans from new construction to renovation and concept through construction. Our engineers have helped clients on transportation, industrial, marine, stadium, high-rise and energy production/transmission projects. During the design phase, we help clients select the right kind of deep foundation. We also can assist our clients in evaluating cost, schedule and construction considerations.

Once a project reaches construction, we are ready with in-house equipment for dynamic and integrity testing by experienced engineers and technicians. We have more than 50 years of combined experience with high-strain dynamic testing and three Pile Drive Analyzer (PDA) units available for our certified staff to use.

Our Deep Foundation Services Include:

  • Foundation selection among driven pile, micropile, drilled shaft, auger-cast pile and more
  • Determine the foundation’s axial and lateral load-carrying resistance and anticipated movements
  • In-house integrity testing equipment, including pulse-echo testing on auger-cast piles and cross-hole sonic logging on drilled shafts performed by our experienced engineers and technicians
  • Ability to evaluate length of unknown deep foundations with parallel seismic testing
  • Designing and running instrumented static load tests and load test programs

Core Penetration Testing (CPT)

Braun Intertec uses in-situ testing to evaluate critical soil or rock properties for project sites on any type of terrain with Braun Intertec-owned instruments and drills. Our geotechnical engineers can evaluate geomaterial behavior in the field, which improves reliability and reduces uncertainty on project sites. Additionally, by performing in-situ testing to assess geomaterial properties, clients can realize significant savings simply due to more efficient use of our onsite testing and resources.

Braun Intertec In-Situ Testing Services Include:

  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
  • Dilatometer Testing (DMT)
  • Pressuremeter Testing
  • Seismic CPT
  • Dissipation Testing
  • Vane Shear Testing
  • Piezometer

Geotechnical Drilling

Our skilled engineers team up with Braun Intertec Drilling crews and bring decades of experience to your project. Whether you’re building a single-story structure, a skyscraper or evaluating existing pavements, foundations or dams, we can help.

We leverage our drilling crews experience to obtain subsurface soil, rock and groundwater information and our geotechnical engineers can evaluate their impact on the design and construction of your project.

Our Experienced Drill Crews Can Perform

  • Standard Penetration Tests (SPT)
  • Rock Coring
  • Hollow Stem Drilling
  • Solid Stem Drilling
  • Wire Line Coring
  • Direct Push Sampling
  • Air Rotary Drilling
  • Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Instrumentation Installations