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[OnDemand Webinar] How to Read a Geotechnical Report and Leverage Valuable Insights

Do you ever struggle to make sense of the report your geotechnical engineering consultant just delivered? Geotechnical reports are highly technical documents that can tell you a lot about how to develop your project and what to be aware of during construction—but only if you know how to interpret the results.

Tune in as two of our senior geotechnical engineers from the Braun Intertec Houston and Dallas, Texas offices as they dive into the complexities of understanding a geotechnical report.

Learn more about:

  • What is the purpose of a geotechnical evaluation report?
  • What does a geotechnical evaluation include?
  • How is the report information obtained?
  • How do you navigate a geotechnical evaluation report?
  • What information is in the report sections?
  • What sections of the report should Architects, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Contractors focus on?

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Meet the Speakers

John Focht Headshot

John Focht, PE
Senior Engineer

John Focht, based in our Dallas, Texas office, brings 38 years of leadership, project management experience and technical expertise serving clients within the public and private sectors on geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and construction materials testing projects across Texas, California, and Utah.

Michael Whitecotton

Michael Whitecotton, PE
Senior Engineer

Located in our Houston office, Michael Whitecotton has more than 21 years of experience providing geotechnical engineering and construction materials observations and testing services. He has provided technical expertise to numerous public and private sector clients for projects located across Texas, Missouri, and Kansas.