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Introduction to Retention Walls: Select the Right System For Your Next Project

Whether you are working on a transportation project or a new building development downtown, temporary retention walls are critical to the safety and stability of many projects. While you will likely hire a consultant to design your next support of excavation system, as a project owner do you know the basics of retention wall selection and their installation? Are you familiar with the common problems project owners encounter and how they can be avoided with the right advance planning?

Tune into the recorded webinar as our retention wall expert, Jeff Segar, PE, SE, walks through an introduction to support of excavation and what you need to know to select the best system for your next project. He will share answers to commonly asked questions about retention systems and common issues you may encounter.

Learn more about:

  • The most common types of retention wall systems
  • Selecting the right retention system for your project
  • How retention walls are installed—and the impact that may have on your project site
  • Site preparation that is necessary in advance of retention wall design and installation
  • Common problems and risks you may encounter and how to plan for and mitigate them

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Meet the Speakers

Jeff Segar

Jeff Segar, PE, SE
Principal Engineer

With more than 20 years of experience, Jeff Segar has been the engineer of record and responsible for project related design and production of construction documents for many structures built using steel, concrete, masonry, geogrid fabrics and timber construction. He provides structural engineering services for support of excavation, soil nail slope stabilization, construction load shoring, and falsework. Jeff is currently the Co-Chair of the Joint ADSC-IAFD and DFI Anchored Earth Retention Committee.