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Kansas/Missouri Building Science Consulting

Braun Intertec Building and Structures Sciences Consulting

The Braun Intertec Building and Structure Sciences team helps contractors, owners, architects, engineers, and attorneys evaluate the performance of buildings and structures as an independent third-party firm. From project conception to completion, we perform verification testing to confirm your performance objectives are met on every project.

Our building and structure sciences group offers testing, inspection and consulting services related to building materials, structures and building operation. We also have extensive experience conducting forensic services to evaluate material performance, service life, constructability and identify causes to building and material failures.

Building Envelope Structure and Design Services

Our specialty is in dealing with the “shell” or “building” envelope that forms the barrier between the interior and exterior of the building, as well as issues which may arise through occupancy or renovations of the interior.

There are many components in a structure’s building envelope that are subject to design, construction and installation issues. Some issues require several years of operation before the problem is even noticed. Our team has the knowledge and experience to consult on the numerous conditions we observe in the field and offer targeted solutions to building problems. Our understanding of common defects and issues equips us with the collective expertise to address the challenges faced with new and existing building enclosure systems.

Building Enclosure Systems Inspections and Testing

Verifying building enclosure systems meet defined objectives and performance requirements is essential to long-term sustainability, durability and occupant comfort. Often, buildings are constructed with design flaws that result in air infiltration of water intrusion into interior spaces. Implementing an inspection and testing plan can aid in identifying potential conflicts or problems in building enclosure systems and assemblies to optimize building performance.

Braun Intertec Building and Structure Sciences consultants perform building envelope services which include:

  • Condition assessments
  • Asset management surveys
  • Facade consulting
  • Roofing and waterproofing consulting
  • Fenestration consultation and testing
  • Parking garage assessment
  • Remedial design and construction documents
  • Constructability / peer review of design documents
  • Construction administration
  • Field verification testing
  • Construction observation / quality assurance verification
  • Warranty reviews and post-occupancy commissioning