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Leadership Spotlight with Nic Andreani: Senior Vice President South Central Environmental Consulting

Nic Andreani Family

We recently spoke with Nic Andreani to learn more about his new role as Senior Vice President of South Central Environmental Consulting. We asked about his background, what he enjoys about working at Braun Intertec, and what he looks for in team members.

What is your current role at Braun Intertec?
I lead the South Central Environmental Consulting practice and am part of the Senior Leadership Team. Our professionals across Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, and Iowa are some of the best in the field – whether it’s our investigation and remediation team, our environmental permitting and compliance group, biological and wetlands team, or our industrial hygiene and safety group. I work closely with Tim Lenway, who leads the Upper Midwest Environmental Consulting practice. Together, our teams provide environmental consulting services nationwide.   

What is your professional background?
I graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and then went on to get my professional engineering license in environmental engineering. My initial focus was the remediation of impacted properties, but I later moved into spending more time on the development and implementation of corporate-level compliance management programs, permitting, all things waste-related, and strategic planning.

I joined Braun Intertec in September 2018 as part of the acquisition of W&M Environmental Group (W&M). I am the former president of W&M and am proud of the team we built, the business we grew, and the clients who we support and partner with. At Braun Intertec, I’m excited to continue to help grow the company – both in services and geography.

What interested you about your profession?
I like building things. I’m also impatient and like some diversity in what I do. Environmental consulting and engineering has given me the opportunity to see and be a part of a wide variety of industries, sectors, projects, and environments. I’ve had the opportunity to work with small local clients, be on the ground as part of very large emergency response efforts, and work in the boardroom with Fortune 500 clients to advise them on environmental risk or implementation of environmental management programs. 

In recent years when I was the president of W&M and now in my role on the Senior Leadership Team – my definition of “building things” has changed. I spend a majority of my time on building the business, building teams and leaders, and working on our culture.

What is your favorite aspect of your role or the most rewarding part of what you do at Braun Intertec?
My favorite aspect of the role is facilitating change and growth. Asking the “what if” questions. I like to surround myself with smart people who work hard, but also don’t take themselves too seriously. I’m extremely happy with the team at Braun Intertec and the clients I get to spend time with – many of whom I call friends. We’ve got a really dedicated Senior Leadership Team and it’s a lot of fun to work alongside them.

The most rewarding part is taking time to look back at the team’s accomplishments and celebrating our success. 

What traits do you look for in your team members?
I’ve talked about it a little bit already, because the team is so important to what we do. Having confidence but being willing to ask for help is a big one. We all have limitations, and the best teams are able to rely on each other when needed. But most importantly, we look for people who can lead by example and do the right thing, get things done, take ownership, go the extra mile, and be self-starters. And, at the end of the day, have fun and enjoy the people around you.

What are some of your hobbies, or things you like to do outside of work?
My wife and I live in Austin, Texas and have two kids. What I enjoy the most is spending time with family and friends and seeing our kids experience new things. Some of our favorite activities are skiing, getting out on Lake Travis, and traveling with the family.