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Braun Intertec has consulted on a myriad of energy related projects including transmission lines, natural gas plants, coal plants and renewable energy facilities such as wind, solar and hydro power. With our extensive experience in the energy sector, we’ll work closely with your team to provide solid geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting and material testing services.

Energy development in America is undergoing a transformation mainly driven by newly enacted Federal regulations. Our team is well-versed in current and proposed government regulatory policies, including the Clean Power Plan (CPP) and the Combustible Coal Residue (CCR) regulations that are impacting existing coal-fired plants. We can work with you to evaluate the impact of these regulations on your existing facilities and effectively develop cost efficient compliance strategies to meet these regulations.

You’ll also discover many efficiencies when working with the diverse teams at Braun Intertec. Using specialized technology, our field staff can relay information from the field to the construction and design team, quickly and in real time. Because we own and operate our own drill rigs and testing equipment, we also work closely with project managers to control critical path activities and achieve timely project completion.

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