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Meet Our Geotechnical Engineers and Construction Materials Testing Consultants in Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont, TX geotechnical engineering and construction services company

About Our Team

Strategically located along the Gulf Coast, the Braun Intertec Beaumont, Texas office houses 51 geotechnical engineers, construction materials testing technicians, environmental scientists and drillers. Many of the office leadership and senior technicians have worked together for the better part of 20 years and have built our Beaumont office from the ground up. We spoke with Bryan Landers, area leader of the Beaumont office to learn more about what makes his team special, the services they offer and what he sees on the horizon for Braun Intertec.

What makes the Beaumont region unique?
For starters, it would be the way Beaumont is growing right now. As a result of the expansion to the ship channel, which we are working on, there is a huge need for people to keep up with the rapid pace of projects coming our way. I think that’s what makes our office an important part of the Braun Intertec footprint in Texas. Along with the ship channel project, there is a large liquid natural gas project which requires the relocation of highway 87 which we are also working on. That’s all happening in our backyard here in Beaumont.

What engineering and testing services do we offer in Beaumont?
Our service offerings look a lot like the services Braun Intertec offers in our neighboring office in La Porte, Texas. These services include construction materials testing (CMT), geotechnical engineering, drilling, nondestructive examination and environmental consulting services. We also do construction inspections where we have the opportunity to offer quality control on-site for the contractors we work with.

What are the primary market sectors Beaumont serves?
Oil and gas is our number one industry, of course. However, we do quite a bit of work in the commercial, residential housing, industrial and transportation market sectors. Clients we serve include the Total Ethane Cracker project with Bo-Mac, Deweyville Independent School District and WT Byler.

Consultant of Choice

What makes the Beaumont engineering and testing team unique?
Our deep foundations testing capabilities and range of services really set us apart from the pack as a unique consulting firm. At the end of the day, it’s our willingness to never say no when work comes our way—we always find a way to make it happen. Nobody in our office is above going to the field to do work.

Also, our safety culture here at Braun Intertec is special. Not everyone prioritizes the safety of employees the way we do.

How do each of our services interact with each other?
The line between our services is virtually seamless. We often call one another, no matter the technical discipline, and figure out how to make things happen when we run into a challenge. We learn a lot from each other because our teams work together so frequently, too.

The Team

What are some unique features of the Beaumont office and team?
When you look at Braun Intertec relative to our engineering and construction competitors in the area, the thing that really sets us apart is our attitude and team morale. We bring a lot more to our client’s table. Employee ownership really plays into the team’s attitude, too. However, it all comes down to the high-quality work we provide our clients.

Equipment-wise our new freestanding asphalt laboratory and Hamburg Wheel Track machine is a unique Beaumont offering—few people in Texas or Louisiana have one. We are also ASHTO accredited and TxDOT certified.

How does our team help clients?
One of the main ways we help our clients in Beaumont is by coming up with numbers as they develop projects—we find cost-effective ways to get a project done. In bid stages, we partner with clients to make sure they understand all the testing, requirements and specifications that are needed. We also offer on-site facilities for projects if we think that will save them money, too.

When our clients hit roadblocks on projects we’re here to help them find a good route past that.

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