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Meet our Geotechnical Engineers and Construction Materials Testing Technicians in Amarillo, Texas

We sat down with Shane Nance, Amarillo Business Unit Leader, to learn more about how he and his team works together, their project expertise and why they love working at Braun Intertec.

What kind of services and projects does the Amarillo office focus on?
We primarily focus on construction materials testing (CMT) and geotechnical engineering in our office and work on projects that vary from universities to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to government facilities. However, TxDOT is probably the driving force behind our work in Amarillo. We work on quite a few ISD projects for Amarillo and the small towns around and were selected to work on a new court building in Potter County, which kicks-off soon.

What makes Braun Intertec different than our competitors in the Amarillo region?
The expertise that Braun Intertec brings as an entire company really benefits our team in Amarillo. In fact, we are the only accredited lab in this whole area—you might have to travel 200 to 300 miles to find the next nearest one. Our lab in Amarillo is accredited by TxDOT and AASHTO. Given the smaller size of our office, we also have a set of highly trained technicians: five senior technicians and two junior technicians. We’re working on getting more of our higher-level technicians through additional certifications like ICC. It’s a differentiator we like to encourage with our team.

How does Amarillo work with our Texas offices and our other offices companywide?
The managers in our offices are always in contact and sharing CMT technicians depending on where the projects are. For example, Kevin Williams and I talk about different projects often and we share those opportunities and technicians between our offices. Really, this is how all our offices work together when it comes to technicians and projects.

How far from Amarillo does your office projects?
I would say 200 miles. We generally serve Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma areas.

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