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Meet the Team: Wichita Falls Office Spotlight

About Our Team

Home to a tight-knit group of employee-owners, our Wichita Falls, Texas office currently provides geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and asphalt services to clients in West Texas as well as Oklahoma. We sat down with the Wichita Falls Operations Supervisor, Boyd Branch, to discuss what services and expertise our Wichita Falls office can provide to clients, what sets the team apart from other engineering and testing firms in the area, and our involvement in the community.

What range of services are currently offered?
We can provide our clients with a variety of services, but our main three are geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and asphalt testing. We can also provide environmental consulting, firestopping, asbestos and various materials testing services such as: 4×8 and 6×12 concrete cylinders testing and strength testing, soil testing (proctors), and nuclear density testing.

What market sectors does the office service? What kind of projects do these typically include?
Our service area includes all of Oklahoma as well as West Texas, and we serve many different market sectors including commercial, municipal, institutional, healthcare and much more. Some projects that stand out would be our work with Midwestern State University as well as the Sheppard Air Force Base, which are two of our main clients. We’ve also done work with McDonalds, Regional Healthcare and several local independent school districts.

Are there any recent upgrades/improvements to the office, equipment, etc.? If so, what are they?
We have two buildings in Wichita Falls that have been completely revamped since I started here. This includes some new lab equipment, such as a new strength compression machine, asphalt testing equipment, new tanks and worktables for us to perform our tests.

What’s next for the Wichita Falls area? What things are on the horizon?
There’s a lot of exciting things going on in the area. There are several new schools planned for Wichita Falls that are part of a bond election, and there is also a new convention center in the works. We’re hoping to be part of these projects down the road.

What are some of the unique features of this office/team?
Each of our technicians are certified with the American Concrete Institute (ACI), but they all have their specialties. Whether their focus is on asphalt, conducting laboratory tests, or performing field services out on our project sites – everyone enjoys the work they do. We’re a tight-knit group, so we’re constantly communicating with one another and keep each other updated.

Do you work closely with other nearby offices? How do you coordinate work?
Yes, in West Texas alone we have three offices that work closely together and collaborate on a regular basis. Between our office and the Amarillo and Lubbock offices we are constantly able to coordinate with one another and offer additional support, whether its sharing equipment, staff or other resources.

How does the team help our clients in their daily work?
Each of our team members treats our clients with respect. We always find ways to make things easier for the client, whether it’s on a current job or a future job. We’re always striving to make them feel comfortable and will go out of our way to make sure we are communicating with them and doing what we can to make their lives easier.

Are there any programs, events, or volunteering activities that the team has been involved with?
We’ve participated in Toys for Tots several times, and in the winter we do a coat drive.

What kind of activities does the staff do together?
We like to grill and do cookouts to celebrate our team members’ birthdays. Every month we also nominate and choose an employee of the month and set a near-miss safety goal. If our team meets their goal, then we will go out and have lunch to recognize their good work.

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