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MPCA Announces Vapor Intrusion Stakeholder Advisory Group

In March 2018, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) announced the formation of a Vapor Intrusion Stakeholder Advisory Group to provide input to the MPCA as they develop its best management practices (BMPs) for vapor intrusion mitigation of commercial and industrial properties in Minnesota. The Stakeholder Advisory Group is comprised of individuals from several affected industries including commercial real estate and redevelopment, non-profit organizations, commercial lenders, grant agencies, legal firms, state agencies and environmental consultants.  Kaitlin Thell Ouverson, a project engineer from Braun Intertec, was invited by the MPCA to be one of three people to represent the environmental consulting industry for the Vapor Intrusion Stakeholder Advisory Group.

Mitigation of potential chemical vapor intrusion into buildings is a concern in many states as they seek to protect the indoor air for building occupants located near contaminated soil and groundwater sites, including brownfield sites undergoing redevelopment. Braun Intertec engineers have been designing and implementing vapor mitigation systems for buildings located on and near contaminated sites for over 20 years. With new research and guidance documents released by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the MPCA has been revising BMPs for investigation and mitigation of contaminated soil vapors. To date, the MPCA has developed investigation requirements for all occupied structures and BMPs for vapor intrusion mitigation of single-family residential structures.

So, what’s next?

The first Vapor Intrusion Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting is scheduled for mid-April 2018 and the group’s goal is to release a BMP for vapor intrusion mitigation of commercial and industrial properties in the fall of 2018.

How can I contribute to the BMP development process?

For more information on the Stakeholder Advisory Group or how you can provide your input to the BMP development, contact Kaitlin Thell Ouverson at [email protected] or visit the MPCA’s informational website.

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