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Navigating the Invisible World of Air: Exposure Assessments to Permitting

When: Thursday, April 22nd @ 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 a.m. (CDT)

Where: GoToWebinar

When a client requests “air help”, what does that really mean? Air can mean many things to many different people.  From the environmental, permitting and compliance, or safety and industrial hygiene perspectives, assessing what type of air assistance is needed requires an understanding of goals you are trying to accomplish and the data you are wanting.  Whether you are suspecting or want to prevent vapor intrusion, require permitting to utilize equipment within emissions permitted by regulatory standards, or want to keep your employees safe from hazardous particles caused by facility processes, understanding the world of air can be complex and overwhelming.

Join us on May 27, 2021 with Sally Perry, Nick Foreman CSP, Conan Reed GSP, for a live webinar as they discuss the balance between the varying air disciplines and how they might apply to your facility.  

We will explore the applicability of the following types of air projects:

  • Exposure Assessments,
  • Air Quality Assessments (Indoor and confined space monitoring),
  • Air Permitting,

and discuss how the air world you live in might be an intermingled conglomeration of all the above.

Can’t attend live? You should still register! We’ll be sending out slides and the recording of the webinar to all registrants. Anyone is welcome to attend and we encourage you to share among your industry peers.

Meet the Speakers

Sally Perry
Group Manager
Permitting & Compliance

Sally Perry has a B.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University and over 14 years of experience and progressive responsibility in environmental compliance and permitting in the oil & gas, chemical, manufacturing, and refining industries. Sally’s areas of focus include air permitting and compliance, chemical reporting, waste management and compliance, , TPDES permitting and compliance, city and county permitting, remediation, soil and groundwater assessments, greenhouse gas reporting, spill prevention, and due diligence.

Nick Foreman, CSP
Group Manager
Permitting & Compliance – Safety and IH Services

Nick Foreman has a B.S. in Biology and Master’s in Public Health from Texas A&M University.  He has 14 years of experience in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) consulting He is experienced in a variety of environmental projects including Toxic Release Inventories, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure plans, and extensive knowledge of sampling procedures in air, groundwater, surface water, soil, and ambient air (i.e., noise monitoring).  Nick is a Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) Certified Safety Professional (CSP).  He has provided on-Site environmental health and safety services and works closely with clients to promote and create safe work practices and industrial hygiene solutions. He has experience in a wide variety of manufacturing, industrial, and oil and gas markets.

Conan Reed, GSP
Project Scientist
Permitting & Compliance – Safety and IH Services

Conan Reed is a Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)  Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP), with more than 15 years of experience in occupational safety and health. Conan has extensive experience in industrial hygiene (IH) sampling and has developed industrial hygiene monitoring plans with both quantitative and qualitative exposure assessments.  Conan has conducted focused environmental safety & health compliance inspections and audits of facilities in the aerospace, petroleum, manufacturing, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.