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New, Custom-Built Mobile Materials Laboratory at Braun Intertec

Cost-efficient and convenient construction materials laboratory

Whether it’s on the windswept North Dakota prairie delivering soils to test in -30F degree weather or analyzing pavement samples in the 115F heat of a scorching summer day on the Texas plains, we’ve got you covered. At first glance this sounds both miserable and impossible, but as our Materials Laboratory Manager Thor Stangebye informs us, neither has to be true when you’re working with the Braun Intertec Materials Laboratory. That’s because we custom build mobile laboratories for these exact conditions.

“We asked people, ‘If you see anything we can do better with our mobile lab design, please tell us’ because we want all of our materials labs to be functional, easy to work in and just all around a place you don’t mind spending time in,” Thor noted. “This attention to design goes back to the Braun Intertec vision to be the consultant of choice and the employer of choice. Before creating a lab from scratch we actually ask what our clients and employees would want to work in every day.”

A full-service, standalone materials laboratory

In fact, our latest custom mobile materials laboratory was constructed into a 53-foot refrigerated trailer and is a full-service, standalone materials lab outfitted with an HVAC system to keep staff inside the laboratory comfortable no matter the conditions outside.

This mobile laboratory can comfortably accommodate between two to four field and laboratory technicians and meets OSHA requirements which include safety measures such as an eyewash station, exit lights, an ergonomically designed lab bench as well as LED lighting to be energy efficient. Test equipment housed in this lab includes (but isn’t limited to) a hood to cap samples with sulfur, tools to cut and cure cylinders, tools to split samples, an oven, Mary Ann sieve sifter shaker, proctor bench and burners as well as an office in the back for the project manager to work from.

Video tour of our new custom-built laboratory

Take a look at the video we’ve included below to get a full tour of our newest mobile materials laboratory facility.

To learn more about our Materials Laboratory at Braun Intertec, visit our Materials Laboratory page here or reach out to Thor Stangebye at [email protected] or 952.995.2290.