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Next Generation Reporting: Mobile Solutions for Field Data Collection

Challenges to Field Data Collection

Imagine you are on a construction site collecting data for a soil density test or a concrete test and then need to manually write down all of the field data you collected to complete the daily report. In the construction material testing industry, a real challenge can be the delay between the time the test is performed and final reporting to clients.

Traditionally, field technicians who performed field testing and observations also recorded the results, completed paper daily reports and then would have to wait until they got back to the office to input the data for the project managers to review and approve. This delay in entering field data and transferring the reports to the project manager could result in untimely reports to the client. Also, due to multiple steps in the process there were several chances for error to occur, a breakdown in accuracy or misinterpretation of the field data.

Providing Timely, Consistent and Accurate Field Data

On any project, communication and accelerated reporting are key to achieving client satisfaction and successful project completion. It’s important that the field technicians performing on-site data collection can communicate material compliance and test results back to the office quickly so information can be reviewed and sent to the client in a timely manner. Having the means to collect and process field data in a more accurate, accelerated way would allow the client to have the most current information in hand immediately.

Braun Intertec uses Agile Frameworks’ MetaField software platform—a mobile field data collection solution—to enter field data. We have found that using MetaField can immediately save time, reduce the chance for inaccuracies and also provide consistency in reporting. It is a plus to have one system that can be used by field technicians while on site and by project managers in the office. The data is then available in real-time for a project manager to review and approve versus the traditional delay in data entry until the technician returns to the office. MetaField also can preserve the accuracy of field testing data from observation, to client report, and then to timely delivery of the finalized reports to the client.

In a world with information at our fingertips and a mobile device in our hand or pocket, having advanced technology for field data collection and reporting is key to achieving customer satisfaction.

Justin Miller Operations Supervisor / MetaField Support

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