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[OnDemand Webinar] Water World: Preparing for Floods and Clean-Up

With several states already grappling with historic floods, the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts that more than half of the U.S. is at risk for flooding this spring. Are you prepared for this flood season? We can help. In the webinar, we discuss flood preparedness, environmental disaster relief and how to plan for clean up after the water resides. With some advanced planning, a property owner can reduce their potential risk and make a more rapid recovery.

Meet the Speakers

Chuck Brenner

Charles Brenner, PE, LEED, AP
Vice President – Principal Materials Engineer

As a Principal Materials Engineer and Vice President, Chuck has led numerous projects assessing water-damaged structures and materials due to floods and leaks.

Jen Wolff

Jennifer Wolff, PG
Senior Scientist

As a Senior Scientist, Jenn has extensive experience in managing disaster relief environmental projects, contamination investigations and remediation.

Charles Brenner Vice President - Principal Engineer

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