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Kwik Trip Stores, Inc.

Kwik Trip is one of the fastest growing convenience store/gas station chains in the country. As part of their expansion strategy, the goal was to open new stores within eight months after a site was purchased. We have been helping Kwik Trip reach this goal by conducting pre-purchase site assessments and investigations, and by providing a wide spectrum of services and technical resources, including:

• Tank excavation observations
• Asbestos evaluations
• Drilling
• Soil and groundwater contamination investigations
• Laboratory testing
• Remediation system design and installation
• Operation of on-site monitoring
• Geotechnical engineering services

We have consolidated our project management services to a central office where we staff key experts and professionals who provide the services. With our assistance, Kwik Trip has been reaching its site development goal to date with more than 100 Kwik Trip projects either in progress or completed.