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Robbinsdale Middle School

Braun Intertec was initially hired in 2004 to provide geotechnical and environmental consulting services to Independent School District 281 Robbinsdale Area Schools, after the district encountered a former dump site beneath its outdoor athletic fields. Since that time, Braun Intertec has assisted the district with developing cleanup estimates and plans to address risks associated with the former dump site. Braun Intertec helped gain approval for the cleanup, developed a phased approach for cleaning up the 6.5-acre site, and provided geotechnical consulting services to address long-term settlement concerns associated with the poor soil conditions.

The project team divided the 6.5-acre dump site into three phases. Phase one included cleanup beneath tennis courts and a playground, and installation of a soccer/football practice field. Phase two and three involved cleanup of two ball fields on the southern edge of the school grounds. Investigation of the dump site identified up to 14 feet of debris and contaminated dump materials. By using alternative soil correction approaches, which included the use of a rammed aggregate pier foundation system and surcharge, we reduced the amount of impacted soil that needed to be transported to a landfill by more than two-thirds, thereby preserving landfill space and eliminating fuel consumption and diesel exhaust from trucks.

This project highlights the importance of bringing technical disciplines together during the design process so creative collaboration and problem solving can occur between team members. Braun Intertec applied an innovative technology in a unique way, and was able to solve both the environmental and geotechnical challenges for this project cost-effectively. The project mitigated the risk posed to students, and resulted in the creation of quality recreational facilities enjoyed by the middle school and the city of Robbinsdale community sports programs, which encourages active, healthy lifestyles.