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Incident Prevention: Recognizing and Responding to Unsafe Situations

Welcome to our final safety article for National Safety month. Check out our posts from previous weeks of this safety series that help promote a safe and healthy workplace.

When discussing workplace incidents, many people assume that accidents are the result of an unchangeable condition or bad luck. Contrary to this opinion, the National Safety Council notes that around 90% of all occupational incidents occur due to an unsafe act, rather than an unsafe condition. While this suggests that many workplace accidents are the result of complacency or carelessness, it also reveals that most are preventable.

At Braun Intertec, we work hard to remove unsafe working conditions, prevent behavior-related incidents, and praise safe actions – all which help to avoid accidents and keep our employee-owners, clients and industry partners safe. Here are some actions we take to prevent incidents:

  1. As Ben Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” One of the best ways to stay safe is to provide our employee-owners with extensive safety training. Proper knowledge enables us to perform our jobs safely by better recognizing potential hazards and empowering us to take corrective action. We frequently conduct “toolbox talks” and share “safety moments” to promote awareness of hazardous situations and how to respond to them.
  1. We encourage and reward Near Miss Reporting by our employee-owners. A “Near Miss” is an unplanned event that did not result in an injury, illness, or damage – but had the potential to do so. The intent of Near Miss reporting is to learn the lesson and remedy the situation before an accident occurs. By stopping work to take corrective action in advance, our employees adopt a proactive safety approach. Not only does recognizing and reporting these near miss events create a safe and healthy work environment, but it also builds a culture that identifies, creates, and promotes safe behaviors.

Our entire team at Braun Intertec actively works to improve our safety program as well as encourage a focus on personal safety. By recognizing and responding to unsafe situations, our employee-owners take safety into their own hands, in the best possible way. And as an employee-owned company, safety is something we all “own”.

Jeff Gebhard Vice President, Engineering

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