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Our Lafayette lab opened in 2014, which started with a single employee and grew as our first project with the City of Youngsville took off, hiring support staff, including a full-time Quality Assurance Inspector to perform inspection services for the project. Since then we have continued to grow our client base and offer quality services. Our second office, which serves the Lake Charles area, opened in August 2016.

Our local team members have experience in many service areas, including: geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting (Phase I,II,III), cone penetration testing, nondestructive examination, construction materials testing and inspection services as well as building sciences. We have significant experience across several market sectors, with a focus on education, healthcare, retail, commercial, agriculture, transportation, and residential.

Some of our projects include: the complete reconstruction of base and overlay for Savoy Road, SEAL Coat and Engineered Materials Arresting Systems (EMAS) project at the Lafayette Regional Airport, and the OxBow mine expansion project, which consists of mine expansion, haul roads, bridges, pond, slurry walls, etc. Our team has also been supporting the city of Lafayette in the wake of the recent flood, head to our blog for an informative article on best practices to prepare for flooding.