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[OnDemand Webinar] Rotting Roofs: Causes, Mitigation and Code Requirements

Did you know in our climate, roof structures of some buildings that are about 10 years old, are failing years ahead of when they could be expected to have problems? Due to a change in the 2000 building code, some buildings were constructed without sprinklers in concealed spaces since the space was filled with fiberglass insulation. This change had the unintended consequence of creating condensation between the ceiling vapor retarder and roof deck, damaging the roof structure.

Learn about the type of building having this problem; potential sources of moisture damage; tools to measure moisture accumulation; and how to create a complete vapor retarder with appropriate insulation to avoid moisture accumulation and potential building damage. In addition, there are  fire protection related options that will be discussed that will offer a designer additional options to consider.

Listen as Braun Intertec Senior Architect, Steve Flaten, INSPEC Architect and Registered Roof Consultant, Gary Patrick and Futrell Fire Consult & Design Founder and President, Scott Futrell discuss the current epidemic of rotting low-slope roofs in Minnesota, how we arrived at this situation, if fire protection system requirements could be a factor, and what we can do to prolong the lifespan of existing roofing and new roof construction.

Meet the Speakers

Steve Flaten, AIA, LEED AP
Principal Architect – Braun Intertec

As an architect in the Building Sciences group, Mr. Flaten helps solve clients’ problems with building envelopes. With 30 years of experience, he also evaluates the condition of existing buildings and potential acquisitions.

Scott F Headshot

Scott Futrell, PE, FSFPE, CFPS, CFEI, SET
President – Futrell Fire Consult & Design

As president and founder Futrell Fire Consult & Design, Scott has provided consulting, project management, design and loss investigation of fire protection systems for a broad range of building types and investigated fire protection system failures.

Gary Headshot Email

Gary Patrick AIA, CSI
Executive Vice President – Inspec

Mr. Patrick is an Executive Vice President of Inspec and he has been with Inspec since 1977. He oversees the Roofing Services area of Inspec, which includes, evaluations, design, peer reviews, construction observation and testing, and forensics. He is a Registered Architect in 5 states, and he is a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC) with the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants.

Steve Flaten Principal, Senior Architect

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