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Building Sciences

Building Envelope Consulting

Building Envelope Consulting

The Building Sciences team is there to meet the needs of clients trying to avoid potential problems with their new buildings or existing structures. There are many components in the building envelope that are subject to design, construction and installation issues. Some of these issues require several years of operation before the problem is noticed. Our team has the knowledge and experience to consult on the numerous conditions that we observe in the field and offer targeted solutions to building problems.

Our team of professionals performs building envelope consulting services for:

• Roofing Systems
• Wall Systems
• Waterproofing
• Windows/Curtainwalls
• Footing/Foundations
• Air/Vapor Barriers
• Flashing/Rain Screens

We also offer the following services before, during, and after a project:

Due Diligence

• Property Conditions Assessment
• Pre- and Post-Condition Construction Surveys


• Peer Reviews


• Structural
• Mechanical
• Energy
• Exterior Wall Assembly
• Repair/Restoration
• Windows/Curtainwall
• Roofing