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Structures Evaluation

Concrete Consulting

Concrete Consulting

Our concrete consulting services include developing high performance concrete, solving issues with concrete production and performance, and evaluating existing concrete structures. With experience ranging from understanding concrete material interactions, petrographic analysis, and nondestructive testing of concrete structures, Braun Intertec professionals are ready to tackle your concrete needs.

Concrete Mixture Design

Understanding the raw materials that make up concrete is essential in meeting performance requirements for your project. Today’s high performance concrete often requires in-depth laboratory trial batching and testing. Our staff has industry experience working in material production as it relates to concrete performance to deliver reliable solutions for our clients.

Laboratory Capabilities

Braun Intertec operates a full-service accredited concrete testing laboratory where we routinely test thousands of samples annually. We perform several specialized concrete tests along with testing of raw materials used in concrete production. We also develop new and specialized testing procedures to address some of the most challenging testing requirements.

Construction Troubleshooting

If your project gets derailed, or you experience concrete production, placement or quality issues, Braun Intertec will work diligently to help correct the project path. Our experienced staff can help diagnose issues and provide suggested corrections to minimize the impact on your schedule and budget, as well as potentially help save your project in remove and replace situations.

Petrographic Examination

Our petrographic staff examines hardened concrete and its components at the microscopic level to evaluate concrete mixtures for submittal, issues with concrete performance, and deteriorating structures. By using petrographic examination, we can determine the root cause of the distress. Combined with our field investigations and nondestructive testing, petrographic examinations provide a more complete story of what occurred during construction and/or the life of a structure.

Nondestructive Testing

Our field observations limit us to what can only be seen from the surface, while nondestructive testing enables us to obtain data from below the surface. We have used nondestructive testing on projects for durability studies, structural concrete evaluations, construction defects and quality assurance measures. With nondestructive testing, Braun Intertec can provide reliable data to help you make informed decisions and avoid unneeded exploratory work on your projects.