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Materials Laboratory

Concrete / Masonry / Cementitious

Concrete Testing

Concrete and masonry play significant roles in the construction specification and building process. Contractors, engineers, architects, and product manufacturers looking for quality masonry and concrete testing turn to Braun Intertec as their laboratory of choice.

Testing of concrete and masonry products include physical properties such as compressive strength, flexural strength, and freeze thaw durability. Our concrete batching laboratory has produced materials for research and development along with project-related testing.

The cementitious laboratory has the capability to evaluate cement, fly ash and slag cement for physical properties. In addition, we can help troubleshoot cementitious-related performance issues using calorimetry and mortar testing. Our experienced staff understands performance issues related to admixture/cementitious interactions which may cause issues in field performance.

Additionally, our staff can consult with you to develop a mix design for project submittal and work. The testing of this mixture can be evaluated in-house by our engineers from the design process to agency reporting so that samples meet required design specifications, handling and curing requirements, and are tested and reported to your needs.