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When you need testing for new aggregate sources, evaluation of concrete aggregate or aggregate base testing, you can rely on Braun Intertec certified aggregate technicians to get the job done. Our technicians use specialty aggregate equipment to perform services ranging from sieve analysis to long-term durability testing. The aggregate lab often works in conjunction with our petrographic lab to investigate new sources or determine the source of quality issues.


Before any construction project takes shape, you need to understand how the soil at your site will accommodate the proposed structure. Our geotechnical laboratories serve as a valuable tool for engineers to evaluate the soil properties and behaviors. These laboratories can better equip you to make decisions during the construction process with regards to settlement, load-bearing capacity, slope instability and water infiltration.

Our soils laboratories provide AASHTO-accredited testing for geotechnical engineers. We provide a wide range of soil property testing services including liquid limits and grain size analysis to complete your geotechnical investigation. Our soils laboratories are accredited under ASTM D 3740 – Minimum Requirements for Agencies Engaged in Testing and/or Inspection of Soil and Rock as Used in Engineering Design and Control.

Our soil testing capabilities include:

• Atterberg Limits
• California Bearing Ratio
• Consolidations
• Direct shear
• Electrical resistivity
• Gradations
• Hydraulic conductivity
• Hydrometer
• Moisture content
• Permeability
• Proctors
• R-Value
• Triaxial (UU, CU, CD) shear tests
• Unconfined compressive strength