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Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity covers the proper design, fabrication, construction/installation and operation of equipment throughout the entire process life cycle. Mechanical Integrity is one element of a process safety management program and is intended to prevent equipment failure that causes or affects a release of highly hazardous chemicals. That is why it is essential that it receives appropriate attention.

Braun Intertec is experienced in developing Mechanical Integrity programs for a variety of companies in the process industries. We provide a thorough understanding of applicable regulatory requirements and a proven and effective approach.

Our mechanical integrity services include:

• Mechanical Integrity Audits, Assessments and Program Improvement: We review or audit your program and provide recommendations for improvements in a report. If needed, we can help you implement the improvements.
• Mechanical Integrity Program Development: We develop, document and help implement a full Mechanical Integrity program that addresses these areas:
• Management System
• Covered Equipment
• Codes and Standards
• Maintenance Tasks
• Mechanical Integrity Procedures & Training
• Inspection and Testing
• Controlling and Managing Deficiencies
• Quality Assurance (QA)