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Nondestructive Examination

NACE Coating Inspections

NACE Coating Inspections

Braun Intertec provides thorough NACE Coating Inspections to meet your project needs. Our NACE-certified coating inspectors have a variety of inspection experience working with coatings for fabrication, manufacturing, rehabilitation and restoration projects. Their experience spans work such as bridge, marine, structural, architectural, commercial, and residential projects.

Our team’s primary focus is to help clients meet the NACE coating inspections requirements section(s) of governing contract documents by performing Quality Audits, Quality Assurance monitoring and required Quality Control testing.

Braun Intertec is a recognized leader in NACE Coating Inspection services and can mobilize to serve your projects needs from across the United States including Texas, North Dakota, Minnesota and beyond.

Check out the featured projects below for examples of our NACE inspection experience.