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Environmental Consulting

Remediation Design & Implementation

Remediation Design and Implementation

Brownfields Redevelopment

Whether your site is a former gas station, industrial facility or farmyard dump, you can trust us to navigate the redevelopment process and help you transform a blighted property into productive real estate. Braun Intertec will work with you and serve as a liaison to regulatory bodies that oversee your redevelopment project. We take pride in assisting clients with identifying and securing available environmental funding for projects through local, state and federal sources, and provide grant application and management services. We have successfully consulted on numerous grant-related projects, and have assisted in securing tens of millions of dollars in financial assistance for our clients.

Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies

The remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) process is completed to assess site conditions and evaluate alternatives to the extent necessary to select a remedy. The scope and timing of RI/FS activities are tailored to the nature and complexity of the potential contamination problem and the response alternatives being considered. Braun Intertec professionals have completed RI/FS services for a wide variety of properties, contamination types and affected media and have helped our clients implement cost-effective remedial action approaches that mitigate identified risks.

Remedial Action Implementation

Site remedial actions are often undertaken to resolve regulatory enforcement issues, facilitate property transfer or redevelopment, enhance property values, and protect human health and the environment. Braun Intertec has completed numerous remediation projects under the direction of various local and state regulatory agencies and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

Utilizing data generated from site investigations and through site-specific feasibility testing, Braun Intertec can determine the correct and most cost-effective remedial technique for the site. Our staff routinely prepares environmental plans and specifications, oversees remediation activities and, if requested, provides “turnkey” services.

Construction Oversight and Waste Management

Proper documentation including monitoring, sampling and testing performed during implementation of cleanup actions limits long-term environmental liability. Braun Intertec field personnel routinely perform hazardous materials abatement documentation and air monitoring, screening of excavated soil and collection of confirmation soil samples, sampling of groundwater discharges, implementation of stormwater pollution prevention plans, and perimeter dust monitoring. We know how to perform and document this work with our clients’ interest in mind.

It is not unusual to encounter unexpected environmental conditions such as unanticipated soil impacts, previously unknown underground storage tanks, or buried drums during cleanup implementation. The Braun Intertec construction team is experienced at recognizing and managing known and unexpected conditions and implementing solutions which minimize costs and construction schedule impacts.

Turnkey Remediation and Redevelopment Projects

Many owners prefer to have one party perform all aspects of remediation and redevelopment projects on their behalf. Braun Intertec utilizes the design-build process to perform remediation and redevelopment projects when our clients are looking for an experienced design firm that will hire subcontractors to perform all environmental-related aspects for a project. We can also integrate geotechnical soil correction and new utility installation work with environmental cleanup activities to fast-track projects. Braun Intertec engineers and construction managers bring innovation and attention to detail to each project. The design-build process also reduces the number of contracts that our clients need to manage directly.