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Structures Evaluation

Structural Consulting

Structural Consulting

From design procedures to building materials and applications, our professional engineers have the knowledge and experience to support your structural needs, including office or retail buildings, historic buildings, parking ramps, bridges, utility structures, agricultural structures and dams. With a broad depth of service offerings, Braun Intertec can provide the structural analysis and recommendations you need to make important decisions about the future of your structure.

Structural Condition Assessments

Whether it is a sale, refinance, or repurposing of your structure, our registered structural engineers have years of experience providing the data and information you need to make informed decisions. To gain an understanding of your building’s existing structural performance, Braun Intertec can perform structural condition assessments (SCA) to provide an overview of the existing conditions, potential limitations and areas requiring immediate or long-term maintenance in order to prolong the life of your structure.

Structural Engineering Review and Consulting

Our team provides peer review support and value engineering for new construction, review and assessment of existing components. These assessments can be completed to determine existing capacity and condition, and we can consult on issues such as addressing deficiencies or increasing capacity. We work with contractors, property management companies, building owners, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies. By assessing specific components of your structure, Braun Intertec can define existing conditions, provide repair recommendations and help to keep your structure performing the way it was intended.

Pre-Construction Condition Surveys, Assessments and Vibration Control Plans

New construction usually occurs adjacent to or near existing buildings, especially in urban environments. Depending on construction type, the project may potentially have a detrimental impact on nearby existing buildings. Braun Intertec provides services to complete pre-construction condition surveys (PCCS) on adjacent properties in order to document the conditions prior to the new construction. This helps during the assessment process if a claim for building damage arises due to nearby construction. We also have the capability to provide recommended vibration control plans that are based off the PCCSs, as well as complete the vibration monitoring around the site, which helps to minimize risk and keep your project on schedule.

Structural Instrumentation

Instrumentation, including a variety of sensors, is used for measuring or monitoring displacement, dynamic motion, stress, corrosion and more. It can be used as both a temporary analysis-type tool and as a long-term monitoring-type tool to evaluate current conditions of structures or to monitor the change in conditions of structures over a period of time. Our knowledgeable staff is capable of performing engineering measurements in challenging situations in both lab and field environments. From amusement park rides to demolition of bridges, our experienced personnel can also consult with you to set up the test procedure and interpret the obtained results.