Engineering your career path: 3 tips to finding your best fit as a consulting engineer

By Sean Swartz, PE - February 23, 2021 We are kicking off our celebration of National Engineers Week 2021 with a message from Sean Swartz, our Senior Vice President, in charge of our Engineering and Testing group sharing some tips for anyone pursuing a career as a consulting engineer. We will be celebrating National Engineers Week all week so watch this blog for more content as we spotlight a couple of our exceptional engineering team members.  It’s National Engineers Week 2021! At Braun Intertec, we are proud to be a leader within our engineering community, and we consider ourselves blessed...

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Is Building Enclosure Commissioning Necessary for My Project?

Braun Intertec Building Enclosure Commissioning BECx

What is a building enclosure? Before we dive into the concept of building enclosure commissioning, let’s first dig into building enclosures. What are they and what parts make up a complete enclosure? A building enclosure is made up of a building’s roof, walls, windows, doors and base floor system. This includes all materials, components, systems and assemblies whose function is to separate the interior of the building from the exterior. The building enclosure is meant to be airtight, waterproof, energy efficient and, sometimes, address safety issues like firestopping. What is building enclosure commissioning (BECx)? Building enclosure commissioning, which is often...

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[OnDemand Webinar] How to Leverage Building Enclosure Commissioning for High Performance Structures

Building Sciences

Building enclosures are more complex and less forgiving than ever before. From assembly in the field under any weather condition to tradespeople who report to different contractors assembling the structure with minimal oversight, the list of variables that accompanies the construction of a structure is lengthy. When it’s all said and done, how can you verify the finished structure, enclosure systems and the systems’ installation will meet the project requirements? Watch as our building enclosure commissioning expert, Andre Lehr from our Houston, Texas office, dives into building enclosure commissioning and what architects, contractors and project managers should keep in mind...

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Braun Intertec Education Series: Firestopping for Architects, What You Need to Know for Your Next Project


Firestopping is a vital part of all modern building architecture. However, as an architect, do you know the adjustments you must make to your designs to create a building that is up to current firestop code? Eric Bergman, Braun Intertec Firestop Services Manager, and Jack Rasmussen, NCARB, AIA, FMPC and Director of Braun Intertec Building and Structure Sciences Group, can provide you with the answers to what architects need to know to execute their designs while following firestop code requirements and ASTM standards. Please reach out to Eric Bergman if you would like more information on this subject. Eric can...

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Meet the Team: Tyler Office Spotlight

Who We Are The Braun Intertec office in Tyler, Texas is home to over 20 of our dedicated employee-owners who are eager to serve their clients in a variety of market sectors. Our Tyler office is supported by a nationwide network of employees and resources and currently offers a wide range of professional consulting services which include: Construction Materials TestingMaterials LaboratoryEnvironmental ConsultingGeotechnical Engineering Our talented team in Tyler is part of a greater network in North Texas and has a deep understanding of client’s needs in the area. This expertise allows us to work in a variety of market sectors...

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Is Your Concrete Agricultural Facility Structurally Sound?

A Phased Approach to Conditions Assessments, Testing and Repairs Consulting Many concrete grain storage silos, load-out structures and storage bins in operation at agricultural storage and processing facilities across the Midwest are aging. As a facility owner, you might look at your critical structures and wonder, “How long has it been since these concrete structures were assessed by an engineer?” Looks alone can be deceiving. In fact, minor distress on the exterior of concrete structures may appear superficial, but real damage could be occurring below the surface. If left unattended, this damage may lead to more costly repairs. Braun Intertec...

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Braun Intertec Offers Educational Sessions to Clients

Educational Sessions speakers

A few of our employee-owners from our Texas offices recently stopped into EDI International's Houston office to speak about our technical specialties in environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing and building and structures sciences. EDI is a global architecture, interior design, and planning firm that specialties in hospitality, residential and mixed-use projects. During the presentation, we covered several topics, including how environmental site assessments can assist your projects, how to read a geotechnical engineering report, what construction materials testing means to your project and important things to know about your building's performance. Our team is available to provide educational...

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