Is Your Concrete Agricultural Facility Structurally Sound?

A Phased Approach to Conditions Assessments, Testing and Repairs Consulting Many concrete grain storage silos, load-out structures and storage bins in operation at agricultural storage and processing facilities across the Midwest are aging. As a facility owner, you might look at your critical structures and wonder, “How long has it been since these concrete structures were assessed by an engineer?” Looks alone can be deceiving. In fact, minor distress on the exterior of concrete structures may appear superficial, but real damage could be occurring below the surface. If left unattended, this damage may lead to more costly repairs. Braun Intertec...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Rotting Roofs: Causes, Mitigation and Code Requirements

Rotting Roof Mitigation and Code Requirements

Did you know in our climate, roof structures of some buildings that are about 10 years old, are failing years ahead of when they could be expected to have problems? Due to a change in the 2000 building code, some buildings were constructed without sprinklers in concealed spaces since the space was filled with fiberglass insulation. This change had the unintended consequence of creating condensation between the ceiling vapor retarder and roof deck, damaging the roof structure. Learn about the type of building having this problem; potential sources of moisture damage; tools to measure moisture accumulation; and how to create...

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Spring Flood Protection: Is Your Property Ready?

Flood protection

How can I protect my business from flood waters? With widespread flooding occurring across the Midwest this spring, worried business owners are likely asking themselves, “How can I protect my business from flood waters?” Before developing your game plan to manage a potential flood, it’s important to keep in mind flooding can take many forms - whether caused by the spring thaw of snow cover, flash flooding or a burst pipe. With wide area river flooding, many properties might be engulfed to a great depth while other properties might be flooded a foot or two above ground level (which means...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Water World: Preparing for Floods and Clean-Up

With several states already grappling with historic floods, the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts that more than half of the U.S. is at risk for flooding this spring. Are you prepared for this flood season? We can help. In the webinar, we discuss flood preparedness, environmental disaster relief and how to plan for clean up after the water resides. With some advanced planning, a property owner can reduce their potential risk and make a more rapid recovery. Meet the Speakers Charles Brenner, PE, LEED, AP Vice President - Principal Materials Engineer As a Principal Materials Engineer and Vice...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Implementing a Successful Roof Asset Management Plan

Roof Asset Management

Understanding the performance and remaining service life of facility assets can be challenging. This is especially true if you own multiple buildings or facilities across different geographies. Knowing a building’s assets can provide a benchmark to optimize life cycle costs and improve reliability of facility assets across an organization’s entire portfolio. By establishing a roof asset management program, information pertaining to facilities components, such as roofs, enables owners to make better decisions and more complete budget forecasts with greater accuracy around decisions for repair or replacement/capital expenditures. One of the most important parts of an asset management program is turning...

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Slip Resistance Test: BOT-3000 Measuring the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction for Flooring Materials

Slip Resistance Test

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Every employer is concerned about preventing slips and falls and the general safety of their employees and any customers or clients who visit their workplace. What many people do not know is the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) made a significant change in what is required for certain flooring conditions and materials when it comes to slip and fall resistance. Shockingly, according to safety statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 15% of all accidental deaths are related to slips and falls, second only behind auto accidents. To add to the confusion,...

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Braun Intertec expands building sciences practice to Kansas City with new addition Richard McGuire, PE

Braun Intertec, an engineering, consulting and testing firm with offices throughout the central United States, is pleased to announce Richard McGuire, PE has joined our Kansas City office. McGuire joins Braun Intertec as a senior engineer in the Building Sciences group and brings 40 years of engineering experience in consulting and the construction industry, including structural forensics, restoration engineering and property condition surveys. McGuire also brings an extensive business background with him to Braun Intertec, positioning him as a building sciences and business consultant who will support the strategic goals of our clients. “We are thrilled to welcome Rich to...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Firestopping Special Inspections


Building code and fire inspection officials recently began strict enforcement of code requirements for firestopping inspections.The International Building Code (IBC) 2012, Section 1705.16 states that firestop inspections shall be included as part of the mandatory special inspections for high-risk facilities. But what is firestopping and is my building considered high-risk? Fill out the form below to watch a recorded version of our firestopping webinar....

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Is Your Building’s Insulation all it’s Cracked up to be?

Building Insulation

If a building lacks appropriate insulation, simply adding more can create problems for material durability as it causes exterior walls to go through more freeze-thaw cycles. To further complicate matters, if humidity levels are elevated on the interior of a building due to the activities going on inside, the walls and roof will soon exhibit staining, damage, and deterioration. It’s important to understand the dynamics between walls, existing insulation, and new insulation, as these can all cause a dew point to occur. In order to appropriately prevent condensation, mold and deterioration of wood and steel, insulation and a strategically placed...

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[OnDemand Webinar] Vapor Intrusion: How a Building Works and Breathes

Vapor Intrusion Webinar

Watch a recording of our vapor intrusion webinar. Our webinar will strengthen your knowledge on building sciences with a focus on ventilation systems, design and operation that impacts the environmental vapor potential in a building.   Our presentation topics include: Understanding how building air movement works What can effect the movement of vapor through a building  How air moves through a building  Considerations when designing ventilation and vapor mitigation systems Different forces that affect air movement...

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