Employee-Owner Spotlight: Chris Calhoun, Project Engineer, La Porte, Texas

For 2021 Engineers Week we reached out to engineering leaders and up-and-coming engineering leaders at Braun Intertec to learn more about their role, what attracted them to the profession and how they are mentoring the next generation of engineers. Chris Calhoun joined Braun Intertec in April 2020 with 13 years of experience and a noteworthy history of technical excellence in multi-disciplinary geoengineering fields which include geotechnical engineering design and consulting practices; geological exploration; and geohazard mitigation construction. In addition to his geotechnical engineering know-how, Chris is also accomplished in project execution and an integral part of the La Porte, Texas...

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The 3 Most Common Deep Foundation Integrity Test Methods

Pile Integrity Tester deep foundation Kansas City

Successful projects all start with planning and design, end with construction, and include quality programs for every step. For successful deep foundation projects, that means quality control and assurance to validate design assumptions and determine if the deep foundation was installed as planned. To do this we perform integrity testing, which is a set of nondestructive tests that assist engineers as they evaluate the in-place condition of a deep foundation. What are the most used test methods for deep foundation integrity testing? Braun Intertec performs integrity tests most often on drilled, deep foundations since the act of driving a pile...

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Employee-Owner Spotlight: Ryan Drury, Senior Engineer, Bloomington, MN

We recently met with Ryan Drury, a senior engineer out of our Bloomington, Minnesota office to discuss his expertise in deep foundations and what it means to him to be an employee owner. Tell us a little bit about your background.I started as a co-op in 2007 working out of Bloomington doing concrete and soils testing. Once I got hired on full-time, I headed to our Milwaukee office. I was mainly doing special inspections work with Walmart.After a few years, I moved to the St. Paul, MN office and became a project manager and started working on the geotechnical side of...

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Deep Foundations Integrity Testing Webinar: An Undervalued Quality Assurance Test

Deep Foundations Integrity Testing Webinar

Deep foundations provide the key support for most heavy structures but how can you confirm your newly installed foundations will function as specified? The answer often is integrity testing, a critical, yet underutilized, test method for projects with deep foundations. Integrity testing is valuable for any kind of deep foundation project which can include, high rises, bridges, transmission poles/towers as well as docks and wharfs. These projects often present numerous factors which can influence the type of integrity test best suited for the project from soil resistance, material properties (strength, density, etc.), reinforcement within the deep foundation, and the length...

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Tom Posey, PE, Joins Braun Intertec in Houston, Texas

Tom Posey, PE, Technical Leader at Braun Intertec Braun Intertec, an engineering, consulting and testing firm with more than 35 offices in seven states, is pleased to announce Tom Posey, PE has joined the Braun Intertec team in Texas. Posey brings 25 years of experience consulting on national and international commercial infrastructure and industrial projects and expertise within construction materials testing, field exploration, laboratory testing, geotechnical engineering design and analysis, QA/QC and project management. “We are thrilled to welcome Tom to our team of employee-owners at Braun Intertec,” said Jon Carlson, Braun Intertec CEO. “His engineering and testing expertise as...

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Braun Intertec Exhibited at 2019 Deep Foundations Institute S3 Conference

Braun Intertec exhibited at the 2019 Deep Foundations Institute S3 Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Principal Engineer, Jeff Segar from our Bloomington office moderated several sessions. The conference took place on August 6th through the 8th and featured more than 25 technical presentations about effectively applying deep foundations, ground improvement and soil mixing for stabilization of slopes and excavation support. Jeff serves as DFI-ADSC Anchored Earth Retention Committee Co-Chair and moderated the morning sessions on Thursday, August 8th which focused on excavation support and stabilization (tiebacks). In addition to the technical sessions, there was a software panel discussion available via a...

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Employee-Owner Spotlight: Meet John Holman

We sat down with Senior Engineer John Holman, who works out of our La Porte, Texas office and specializes in deep foundations engineering to ask him a few questions on his background, expertise, and his time at Braun Intertec. Here’s what he had to say: What is your role at Braun Intertec and what do you specialize in? I am a Senior Engineer and I specialize in deep foundations engineering, construction materials testing, and structures evaluation. When I’m sent out on projects I verify that what is being built (buildings, bridges, oil and gas facilities, etc.) meets the geotechnical and...

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Amal Dutta, MBA, Ph.D. Joins Braun Intertec in Texas City, Texas

Braun Intertec, an engineering, consulting and testing firm with offices throughout the central United States, is pleased to announce Amal Dutta, MBA, Ph.D., PE has joined our Texas City, Texas office as a principal geotechnical engineer. Dutta brings more than 20 years of leadership and engineering experience in multidisciplinary geoengineering fields, including geotechnical engineering design and consulting practices, geological exploration, mining, geophysics and seismic data analysis. “We are pleased to welcome Amal to our growing Braun Intertec team,” says Jon Carlson, CEO of Braun Intertec. “With his extensive experience in geotechnical investigations for clients in the transportation, industrial, petrochemical, commercial...

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Structure Support On Laterally Swept Piles

Load Testing

Anyone who has observed a significant number of piles has seen that, inevitably, the pile is not perfectly straight after driving. In spite of the best efforts of contractors, there are a whole host of reasons for piles to end up out-of-plumb or to have a curve, sometimes referred to as pile sweep. For two, recent projects with numerous swept pile, the available research was determined to be limited in application given the investigated pile sizes, lengths and measured sweep. As a result, the project team chose to perform static load testing to evaluate the ultimate resistance of the swept...

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Deep Foundations Part II: Proving Their Strength

35W Bridge Construction

In Part 1 of our blog series we discussed the different types of deep foundations and some of what goes into their design. Once a deep foundation system is selected and load requirements are determined, the process of constructing them begins. In this post, we will focus on quality control and integrity testing related to deep foundations. Successful deep foundation projects include quality programs to validate the design assumptions and determine if the contractor can install the deep foundation as planned. For most projects, the quality program is structured around two distinct operating procedures: observations and testing. Observations Observations have been a part...

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